Welcome to this blog, Research Utilization. As the name suggests, this space will feature posts on the uptake and utilization of research-based knowledge.

What is research utilization?

When we talk about the subject of research utilization, what exactly do we mean? For the purposes of this blog, I have chosen to use the following definition by Brockopp and Hastings-Tolsma (2003, p. 423):

“Research utilization is the process of transferring research knowledge into practice, thus facilitating an innovative change in practice or the verification of existing practice protocols.”

While this definition is derived from the context of nursing practice and research, I think it is sufficiently broad to be adopted for our discussions here regarding the utilization of research in general.

Research utilization is a subset of ‘knowledge utilization’ whereby the knowledge is derived from the process of research. In a broad sense, research utilization encompasses the processes by which knowledge from research is translated, taken up and applied for the benefit of society.


Brockopp DY and Hastings-Tolsma MT. 2003. Fundamentals of nursing research. 3rd edition. Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Sudbury, MA.


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